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Easily remove inquires on your credit report with our customizable letter template and expert guidance. Our DIY credit repair program provides personalized action plans to help you improve your credit score and take control of your financial future.


  • Step 1:

    If you have done this already move to the next step.

    • To get started review “Please Read This First”

    • Start by opt’ing out. Please see document labeled “Opt-out and Pre-screen”

    • Wait a week after completing pre-screen to start disputing

    • You receive passcodes and pins to opt back in via USPS Mail. Save them. You can use them to opt back in when you are building credit and ready to receive pre-screened credit offers


    Step 2:

    If you have done this already move to the next step.

    • Get a copy of most recent credit report

    You can use my Identity IQ link and receive all 3 credit Bureaus reports and score immediately.

    You can also use my Smart Credit link and receive all 3 credit Bureaus reports and score immediately.

    You can use this free option to get your credit reports. However, this report does not have the scores included. They would have to be purchased separately.


    Step 3:

    If you have done this already move to the next step.

    • Review Credit Report: Ensure that your name, address (should only be for last 24 months) date of birth and employer for the last 24 months are correct. Make sure that your credit report does not have any personal information that is not your own.

    • Submit document labeled “Personal information correction” (please include a copy of your state ID with updated address as well of a copy of your social security card. If your ID does not include your recent address attach a recent bill, 30 days old that includes your current address.)

    Please Only send Social Security Card and State ID with disputes made directly to Credit Bureaus.

    DO NOT send copies of your personal information when you are directly disputing with creditors.

    While reviewing your reports, if you find that a lot of your personal is incorrect. Meaning incorrect addresses, name variations and accounts. File an FTC report listing all incorrect information including accounts, names, addresses and inquires. Obtain a copy and send direct to Equifax, Experian and Transunion with ID, Social Security card and Proof of address if needed.


    Step 4:

    Start your disputes.

    • After reviewing your credit report. List all inquires that you would like to have removed.

    • DO NOT attempt to dispute inquires that are connected to an account in good standing or that you would like to keep. (If you dispute inquires associated with an account, the positive account will be removed from your report) We

    • Add the disputed inquiries to each letters and address them to each bureaus.

    • Send each credit bureau “Inquiry Dispute Letter” please send credit bureau a copy of personal information (copy of ID and proof of address).

    • Send all information CERTIFIED MAIL via USPS the goal is to get tracking numbers for all letters so that you can have proof it was received. (You can use LetterStream service for this).


    Disclaimer: If you do not prefer the Certify Mail method, a second option to submit mail to Bureaus would be through LetterStream. Link:

    This information is meant to be informative only.

    Legal Disclosure: By purchasing these DYI products through Victory1Credit, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

    There are no guarantees with our products. Results may vary. All sales are final, no refunds.

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